Registration Info and Reminders for 2019-20

Registration for Returning Students

All returning students need to be registered.  The registration packet was mailed out on June 12th  to all student home addresses.  Incoming ninth graders should have already registered, but will still need to complete the other items listed below during our registration dates.

Wed Aug 7, 8-12pm  9-10th grade students at the H Building

Thu Aug 8, 8-12pm   11th-12th grade students at the H Building

If you have moved, please make sure to bring a copy of your utility bill with parent/guardian name on the bill.  During registration, students will receive textbooks, take their fall portraits and photo IDs, purchase PE clothes/AMA gear, and get their fall semester class schedules.  Parents will also have the opportunity to register for Parent Portal and Schoology so they can view assignment scores and course grades.  It is important that you attend registration so we can confirm our student schedules and balance class sizes.


Online Meal Applications Available July 1

Starting July 1, you can complete the Title I fund and meal applications for the 2019-20 school year.  Please go to the school website to access the application.  For registration, you will need your confirmation code showing that you have completed the online meal application.  Since we are doing breakfast in the classroom, it is important that we have meal applications from all AMA families.


Bell Schedule Change and Breakfast

AMA will be on a special 0-6th period bell schedule the first week of school, August 20-23.  AMA will have a new regular bell schedule for the 2019-20 school year and will include breakfast time at the end of the first period of the day.  Please review the attached bell schedule for 2019-20.  The revised schedule will begin on Monday, August 26, and actual breakfast in the classroom will begin Tuesday, September 3.


Summer Assignments

All grade levels have a summer assignment.  Makes sure to check our school website and Schoology messages for information on these assignments.  As a reminder, Class of 2020 students are expected to complete their summer internship as part of the requirements of their senior portfolio.


Class of 2020 Senior Portraits

Senior portraits will take place on Wednesday, June 26, 8:30am-2pm in the MPR.  Class of 2020 students received an appointment card during finals week.  Contact Fotorama at (323) 587-6688 if you have questions.

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