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Mission and Vision


The Academy of Medical Arts fosters academic scholars and empathetic future health professionals who advocate for healthy families, healthy communities and quality health care.



The Academy of Medical Arts prepares students for college, career, and life through…

  • Connecting classroom knowledge, real world experience, and hands-on health science and medical practice.
  • Educating 100% of its students, and challenging students to reach mastery of academic and career technical education standards.
  • Preparing all students for civic participation through the  Habits of Heart and Mind and HOSA Future Health Professionals service projects.
  • Utilizing multiple lenses to examine health science and medical practices around the world.
  • Exploring broad interconnected health and medical practices and learning to make ethical decisions to benefit humankind.
  • Embracing technological and entrepreneurial ideas in the pursuit of wellness, artistic expression, and medical advancement.
  • Excelling through academic study in conjunction with work-based exploration beyond the school walls.