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What is the Human Rights Club?







Human Rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever the nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status. They are the fundamental things that human beings need in order to flourish and participate fully in the society. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge on human rights as an individual and as part of the globalized community. As its heart, educating students on the rights and responsibilities is a vital part of building a peaceful community. Giving students the chance to learn about human rights in an early stage and teaching the importance of respecting other's rights would help in ensuring that they take responsibilities as national and global citizens. Making students exposed to practical experience in promoting human rights would help in creating a wider culture that respects human rights.


In the Los Angeles area, STF aims to provide insight to students about human rights by providing clubs, classes and general education,knowlwdge. If t feel you want to learn more about the subject they can contact STF Alumna Amy Calfas wrote the following survey introduction and joined STF Director Pam Bruns last fall at the Harvard Graduate School of Education conference "Building a Strategy fro Human Rights Education in U.S. Schools." The STF survey was reviewed by conference attendees, and the complete survey can be found at:

In short, the education of students on human rights and the idea to inculcate respect for human rights, provides an opportunity for our students and society to create a more just world. The Human Rights Commission of the Maldives created a vehicle to established Human Rights Clubs in schools by promoting awareness of injustices committed around the globe. These clubs are tasked with implementing human rights education and with the support of UNICEF and Ministry of Education they will continue to promote a well educated populace for the benefit of humanity.

Objectives of the Human Rights Club

Through the club activities students will be able to understand what human rights are:


~Understand the responsibilities that goes along with rights
~Recognize how human rights have been originated
~Create a culture among the students that respects human rights
~Know and create the spirit to respect others rights

~Gain knowledge and understand the importance of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other treaties

~Recognize how human rights are entitled by law and ethics

~Recognize how human rights are entitled by constitution

~Know the rights and responsibilities of students and use them in their daily life

~Recognize and understand the work of Human Rights Commission of the Maldives and how complaints are lodge.
~Inculcate ethical considerations and values. It is underpinned by common values such as, tolerance, effective communication when making decisions, respect for self and others, importance of obeying laws and regulations, accepting and respecting differences, establishing relationships and working towards peace, working towards for fairness and social justice, accepting and respecting different ideas and showing empathy.


HRC monitors human rights developments in the country, conducts investigations into reports of violations, campaigns on cases of concern, and engages in advocacy on the national, regional, and international level. The HRC’s main target groups are youth, human rights defenders, journalists, bloggers, and civic and political activists, as well as other individuals whose rights are infringed.



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"I joined the human rights club, to help out the people who are going through discriminations and problems, and don't have a right to speak about it.  I want to help by letting other people know about what's happening in the world." - Yesenia Espinosa


"I joined Human Rights Club because I want to know more information about my rights and stand up with everyone fighting for our rights." - Justine David


"I joined Human Rights to be educated on all of my rights and to make sure I use all my rights fairly." -Ashley Godinez


"I believe that everyone deserves better they have to be free and grow a powerful unity." - Lara Dela Cruz


"I joined the Human Rights club to help & better our community, society,  and the world. We as humans must be ourselves from all the hate in this world and make leaders to make a positive change." - Abram Espinoza