Gay Straight Alliance Club (GSA) 2018-2019

GSA is a student-led, non-sponsored club that supports the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, etc.) community. We provide information and education for students who are questioning, confused, or curious about their sexuality. We provide support to anyone in the Carson Complex that are in need of guidance and reinforcement of their sexual orientation. Our main goal is to advocate for gay rights and education, including spreading pride throughout ourschool, abolishing all types of bullying and hate through peaceful and informative means. Hate builds from ignorance so the more we spread awareness the less chance of ignorance there will be. Our long term goal is to send our club members to many events supporting LGBTQ+, including the pride walk parade this summer- The ultimate celebration of sexuality, love, and acceptance- because not many have the means or courage to do it alone.


The members of GSA are consisted of officers and general members throughout the Carson Complex. Meetings will be held every 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month during lunch in Room H29. Meetings and other club activities will be announced on the GSA Twitter(amagsa1819) and Instagram (amagsa1819) page. Our club advisor is Maria Garcia in Room H29.




GSA 2018-2019 Officers:

- Co-Presidents/ Inter-Club Council Representatives: Joshua Chan & Kylamae Repollo

- Vice Present: Kameron Crisostomo

- Secretary: Reign Casino

- Treasurer: Shirley Ronquillo

- Fundraising Chair: Angelica Lopez

- Historian: Danielle Clemente

- Co-Social Media Chair: Tiffani Higa & Miresly Figueroa

- Spirit Chairs: Karissa Ancheta & Montserat Felix

- Student Representative: Kevin Soc & Kelvin Velasco

- Uniform Chair: Therese Jalipa & Alyssa Floresca